AS9 Huntsman test rig going through its paces

Monday, December 12, 2022

The LAND 8116 Phase 1 Protected Mobile Fires contract was signed on 13 December 2021 and since that time has successfully progressed through several Design Reviews in 2022.

The manufacture of the Mobility Test Rig (MTR) is an important part of the program to turn the K9 Thunder into the AS9 Huntsman.

The MTR is prototyped on the AS9 Self Propelled Howitzer and includes the additional design elements to be incorporated as part of the requirement to meet ADF function and performance requirements, specifically the enhanced levels of crew protection.

The MTR has been put through its paces over the last 3 months, travelling over 3,000 kilometres on a mixed terrain track at the Changwon Proving Ground, South Korea.

Even with the enhanced protection levels, as compared to existing SPH variants, the mobility of the AS9 performed to a high standard across acceleration, max speed, braking, gradient and vertical obstacle tests.

Impressive initial results were also seen with the endurance of the upgraded suspension system and the newly designed structure with an increased level of protection.

HDA looks forward to progressing the design in the first part of 2023 with manufacture of the initial two AS9 and one AS10 vehicles commencing in Q2 2023.

The remaining vehicles (28 AS9 Self Propelled Howitzers and 14 AS10 Armoured Ammunition Resupply Vehicle) will be manufactured at the Hanwha Armoured vehicle Centre of Excellence (H-ACE) currently under construction in Avalon, Victoria.

About Hanwha Defense Australia

Hanwha Defense Australia is a subsidiary of Hanwha Defense, a division of the vast Republic of Korea Fortune 500 conglomerate Hanwha Corporation. Hanwha Corporation has been operating in Australia since 2005 in areas including mining equipment, logistics and sustainable energy.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Hanwha Defense Australia was established in 2019 with an initial focus on Land Systems. The company signed a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia to supply self-propelled artillery systems under LAND 8116, a $0.9 billion to $1.3 billion project. These vehicles will be manufactured in the Greater Geelong area of Victoria at a purpose-built facility.

For further information please contact:

Katherine Ziesing

Strategic Communications Manager

Hanwha Defense Australia Pty Ltd

(t) +61 419 014 308


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