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Supporting Regional Australia

Veterans & Indigenous Programs
Working with several veteran and Indigenous Peoples organisations, we seek to reinforce and, where possible, enhance their efforts to make positive change in many lives.  It's a realisation that we aren't passive bystanders in the world around us; we possess the inherent power to influence and enact meaningful change. Read more about our recognition of First Nations.

Soldier On
HDA is a proud Gold level supporter of Solider On, one of Australia's leading ex-services not for profit organisations. They deliver holistic support services that enable current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, and their families, to lead meaningful civilian lives. We support the valuable work they do by running fund raisers, hosting information sessions for staff as well as taking part in their campaigns like March On.

Education & Youth Programs

Local Community Programs
Through our meaningful dialogues with local community organisations and the education sectors, we continue to develop and strengthen trustworthy relationships to take action, accelerate solutions to challenges, and contribute to the local economic development.  

Graduate and Internship Programs
HDA offers graduate positions that provide first-hand experience working on a range of real-world defence projects. Opportunities exist across varied disciplines including, engineering, procurement management, business development, industry programs and finance.

Depending on your area of expertise, you’ll work on real-life projects that introduce you to HDA and prepare you for your next position. Besides gaining practical experience, we offer opportunities to build your network and learn new skills though our mentors, who are committed to guiding your career with regular progress checks so that you get the most out of your opportunity.  

We welcome applications from students in their third year at university, or graduates who have already completed a relevant degree and are looking for their next career move.

HDA also offers an internship program to current engineering students who need 12-week industry placements as part of their course requirements.

Geelong Youth Kokoda Program
The Geelong Youth Kokoda Program began in Mar 23 and culminated in the mentors and students completing the Kokoda Trek in September 2023.  HDA sponsored two students and two staff (to act as mentors) on the program.  

Although the program is finished, the mentors continue to assist the students and be available for advice. HDA hope to develop the relationship with Geelong Youth Engagement further by offering some form of traineeship or at a minimum an introduction to the Defence Industry day.

Science and Engineering Challenge (Geelong)
HDA is proud to have been a Gold Sponsor for The Science and Engineering Challenge (Geelong) for 2023. The two-day long day event was held at the ManuFutures hub at Deakin University and attended by more than 400 Year 10 students from 14 schools across the region.

ManuFutures is a unique, advanced manufacturing innovation hub that has helped create over $1 billion in company value, hosted over 500 student placements and created over 120 direct new jobs since it’s establishment in 2018.

The Challenge aims to ignite student interests in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM), by encouraging participation in fun and practical activities. The ultimate goal is expanding options for young people and alleviating skills shortages in critical areas of STEM centered roles.

The Challenge was originally developed by University of Newcastle and has received support from Rotarians of Geelong, who managed the event.  

Inspiring People in Tech
HDA volunteers presented at the Inspiring People in Tech event, an initiative run by Wyndham Tech School in Werribee and attended by year 10-12 students.

As part of a panel that included Amazon Web Services (AWS) InCommunities and Nova Systems (Engineering Firm), presenters partook in an informal Q&A session, designed to engage students and facilitate conversions about the future careers they could step into.

Volunteers engaged in a speed networking activity, alongside sharing their career journey and experiences with HDA. Initially, students (many of whom live in the Geelong region) were surprised to learn that H-ACE was under construction in Geelong with vehicles to be produced in Australia under LAND 8116 Ph 1 and LAND 400 Ph 3.

Throughout the event, students commented on the variety of careers available and in particular, noted that many were roles they had not previously considered. Many also detailed their motivations for future employment, ranging from salary, technology, work-life balance and ethical considerations.

A follow up survey determined the event to be highly rewarding for students, with 90% confirming it was a positive experience and 78% concluding they were more-than-likely to consider a career in technology after the event.

Community Impact

At HDA, we protect the future by proactively responding to a changing global paradigm and building a corporate culture that embraces protection and safety. Underpinning our responsibilities is our increasing social contributions and efforts to improve our society.

We sponsor community activities and educational institutions to promote talent development, culture, the arts, sports, donations, and volunteering. And we extend our philosophy of “We are not spectators – we have the power to influence and make a difference” to our partner companies so that we can co-evolve through collaboration, sharing and creating resources.  

We will work diligently to strengthen existing relationships with Indigenous communities, organisations and businesses and to form new partnerships within the education sector and our supply chain to create new opportunities for collaboration as we strive to accomplish our goals.

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