Redback IFV

Hanwha’s Fifth Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Hanwha’s Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is a fifth-generation IFV equipped with sensor technology usually found on advanced jet fighters.  

Working closely with leading Australian and international companies, we will deliver the best IFV solution in the world to our customers.

Redback's Features

Redback as named after the aggressive Australian Redback spider which is capable of hunting and killing creatures much larger than itself. This aggressive nature and ability to hunt and defeat larger prey has been threaded into the DNA of the vehicle’s design.  

Key capability elements:
- Enhanced comfort via rubber tracks and independent suspension; arrive ready to fight.  
- Exceptionally high levels of blast protection.
- High levels of protection, inside and out, to fight the vehicle in a range of battle scenarios.
- Active protection system.
- Highly lethal weapons systems including Redback turret and Remote Weapons Station (RWS).

Hanwha is committed to delivering a future Infantry Fighting Vehicle using the best of global and Australian technologies and companies.

The Redback’s turret seamlessly integrates the latest sensors, weapons and active protection systems – all designed in from the beginning and not added on later.  

The Iron Fist active protection system was successfully demonstrated in late 2020. SPIKE LR2 missiles were successfully fired from a Redback vehicle in early in 2021.  

The Redback’s rubber tracks and associated engineering reduce noise and vibration while offering superior ride quality for its crew and the soldiers it protects, allowing them to do their jobs when the time comes. This reduced vibration also protects and extends the life of mission critical systems.  

The Redback features a highly advanced armoured vehicle suspension system that dispenses with torsion bars allowing more space for innovative and effective blast mitigation systems. Australian made steel from Bisalloy has been used in the construction of the Redback testing vehicles and is now being used in Australian and international K9 programs.  

Hanwha’s industry approach encompasses a significant Australia Industry Capability (AIC) package and will see the Redback built in our purpose-built facility in Greater Geelong, the H-ACE, heralding the return of large-scale vehicle manufacturing to the area.  

Redback’s main armament is a Mk44S Bushmaster II 30mm cannon capable of firing all natures of 30mm x 173mm ammunition and is in service with 19 nations, including the US, the UK, and other allies. The cannon fires ammunition from numerous providers, including advanced munitions such as proximity fused rounds.  

Every cannon is fitted with a fuse setter for programmable rounds such as programmable air burst munition and proximity fused rounds. It can also be rapidly upgraded to the 40mm Supershot by exchanging three parts, giving increased lethality.